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greenhouse by simply solar ext 1
greenhouse by simply solar ext 2
greenhouse by simply solar int 1
greenhouse by simply solar int 2
foliage inside simply solar greenhouse
rowhouse mini greenhouse 2
rowhouse mini greenhouse 1
rowhouse mini greenhouse 3
germination and potting work station with stand
These simple, efficient and durable greenhouses feature unique, one piece, fiberglass,
Gothic Arch design that is almost impervious to wind very high light transference yet 90% UV blocking agents built in to prevent plant shut down or plant burning.

For personal gardening or commercial growth, our greehouses allow you to grow at triple the space.

Nothing to build or assemble - Lowest Heating Costs - Highest Growth Production
Best Humidity for optimal Growing - Automatic Venting

Choose the size that will work best for you.
7 'x 7' x 8        8' x 8' x 15'        8' x 8' x 30'

10 Year warranty.

Come see for yourself what makes Simply Solar the best choice in greenhouses.
Germination and Potting
Work Station with stand

Above are 3 pics of our new "Rowhouse"